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Sorted Tables



Optional Sorted Tables are special tables that can be dynamically sorted based on column contents. They can be inserted on any page where a normal table can appear.

Making Sorted Tables

Sorted Tables are based on normal tables. To turn a normal table into a Sorted Table, add the Markup commands .TSS above the table and .TSE below the table. These Markup commands can be added directly in the Page Editor; you don't need to use the Markup Editor to create or edit Sorted Tables.  The .TSS and .TSE Markup commands must be the only text on their respective lines and must start on the left margin.

Sorted tables use the widths of the columns set in the first row to control the width of all the columns in the table. Any other column widths plus all background color and alignment settings that may be set in the Page Editor are ignored by Sorted Tables.  The backgrounds colors that appear in Sorted Tables are taken from Template Layout Settings that are specific to Sorted Tables (and which aren't installed on all sites).

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