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Slide Shows



Optional Slide Shows may be added to any page. The slide shows are created on the administrative Slide Show page, shown below.

Shows are embedded in pages using the special SLIDES Markup command, which can be inserted in normal pages in the page editor. The .SLIDES Markup command is:

.SLIDES index width height speed

The first parameter is the slide show index number (described below). A rectangular area is reserved for the slide show that is width and height pixels in size. All photos are scaled to fit in this rectangle while maintaining their aspect ratio. The speed parameter specifies how many seconds to display each slide.

Slide Show Setup Page

Page Contents

The top of the Slide Show administrative page presents a select list of available slide shows. The titles of available shows are shown along with index numbers in parenthesis. (The index number is referenced in the .SLIDES Markup command, as described above.) Selecting a show presents a page for editing the contents of the selected slide show, as shown above. Clicking on a slide selects it, outlining it in red. The commands on the page are:

[New Show]

Adds a new slide show. A pop-up form collects the title of the show. The title only appears in the select list on this page.

[Delete Show]

The show and all of its images are deleted.


Uploads images to the show. The command supports uploading of individual JPEG, GIF, or PNG images, or of ".zip" files containing collections of such images. The order of the presentation of the slides is determined by the alphabetical name of the image files.

[Delete Selected]

Deletes the selected image.

[Edit Caption]

Captions are optionally shown under images during a slide show. Hover the cursor over an image on the administrative Slide Show page to see any existing caption. This command opens the page editor on the caption.
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